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Masonry Contractor Victoria BC

We specialize in stone, brick, block and stucco. Whatever your masonry needs require we have the experience for the job.

MK Masonry Victoria serves commercial and residential property owners in the restoration, repair and rebuilding of brick masonry.

With a professional team, knowledgeable estimators, and well experienced masons, we offer Victoria BC property owners a high quality and reliable choice for the restoration and repair of their brick and stone work.

In recent years, the company has expanded its services and is now offering – concrete repair and replacement, stucco repairs, cultured stone veneer, and many other services which is similar and related to property repair and restoration.

For brick and masonry repair, restoration or rebuilding, MK Masonry Victoria offers free estimates for properties located in Victoria BC and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

Victoria’s Go-To Masonry Professionals


The very features that can give a home its “life and personality” are also the areas that may require some repair as years go on.  Even the most solid brick wall eventually need care. The experts at MK Masonry Victoria are committed to meeting your needs with a suitable balance of safety, beauty and economy.

Sometimes even the toughest things can break or gets damaged and bricks are no exception. When water gets trapped below the surface of a brick, it can crack and crumble over time therefore needing to be fixed or replaced.  A loose or broken brick/stone in a chimney or wall not only looks bad, it can provide an opening for further damage.

If you have damaged bricks or stone that needs to be replaced or repaired – MK Masonry Victoria is the company to call.  After serving Victoria BC and the surrounding areas for years, allow us to help make your home as safe, efficient and beautiful as possible.  Call today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.


Brick is known for its durability, but time and the Elements may cause bricks to either crumble or flake out, a condition commonly known as spalling. In Victoria, BC, we’re used to freezing winters, sweltering hot summers and everything in between. 

Spalling is due when the masonry Absorbs too much moisture out of rain/snow and can be exposed to freeze/thaw cycles.  Spalling bricks have cracks and fractures in the surface and frequently large, crater- shaped chips.   These bricks will need to be replaced or repaired. Another sign of spalling is that the reduction of surface materials (debris discovered on yard, driveway, etc.). 

Spalling often happens around chimneys and Brick window sills.   The perfect approach to prevent brick spalling would be to get rid of the moisture.   If the area around your chimney crown is cracked or the cap itself is faulty, this allows water to seep in the brickwork below. Open mortar joints and fractures in the mortar also result in water to permeate the bricks. 

If You think you may have spalling brick, Please allow our professionals at MK Masonry Victoria to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE.


Even though stucco is tough and usually stands up nicely to An impact, it’s brittle in nature therefore that it can crack or perhaps possess a chunk break off.  When there is a fracture in the stucco outside, moisture may be trapped beneath and the outside walls can start to deteriorate.   Most stucco corrosion is caused by water infiltration into the construction, either through the roof, around chimneys, door and window openings, or excess ground water penetrating through, or pops up from the base.  Should you leave these holes and cracks in the stucco, moisture will float under the stucco siding. 

Water infiltration will Lead to wood lath To rust, and metal lath and nails to rust, and which will lead to stucco to reduce its bond and pull away from the substrate. 

Rescue Your House from impending moisture Damage by maintaining your stucco in good repair.  Even small cracks could turn into severe fast, so keep your stucco.   Allow MK Masonry Victoria to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE for some of your stucco requirements. 

Locally owned and operated, MK Masonry Victoria BC preserves a sterling reputation in the Vancouver Islands for providing premium quality services for the last 10 years

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